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Weather Safety Checklist

Preparation is the best protection for changing weather conditions. Be prepared and learn more about safety tips and emergency contact information with the weather safety checklist.

Condo Law Reform Discussions

Rep. Jose Felix Diaz recently discussed the urgent need to strengthen condo laws to better address the misconducts of abusive associations with Ambrosio Hernandez from Al Punto Florida.

Values Matter Miami 2016 Initiative

Rep. Jose Felix Diaz teamed up with educators at the Olympia Heights Elementary School to support the Values Matter Miami Initiative 2016. Learn more and get involved today.

Get To Know Jose


Jose Felix Diaz was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Jose developed a love for public service as student body president of his high school and college. While at the University of Miami, Jose was selected as Florida's College Student of the Year. Soon thereafter, Jose went on to Columbia Law School where he received several notable distinctions including the American Bar Association’s Silver Key. Upon graduation, he returned to Miami to join the law firm of Akerman LLP, and was appointed to the American Bar Association's legislative body, the House of Delegates.



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