Condo Law Reform Discussions

Actualidad 1040 Discussion

Rep. Jose Felix Diaz recently spoke with Roberto R. Tejera, journalist for Actualidad 1040 AM, about the new condominium report issued by a Miami-Dade grand jury. "This report is very revealing and is going to be extremely helpful to the Legislature as we figure out how to fix this very important issue," said Rep. Jose Felix Diaz. Click here to read more on Miami Herald.

Condo Law Reform Discussion

The misconduct and abuse of condo associations have impacted countless residents and seniors across our state. Rep. Jose Felix Diaz recently discussed the urgent need to strengthen condo laws to better address the misconducts of abusive associations with Ambrosio Hernandez from Al Punto Florida. Click here to view video on Twitter.

Condo Law Reform Seminar

Representative Jose Felix Diaz conducted a Condo Town Hall Seminar to learn more about residents' experiences and better address the misconducts of abusive associations.